About Waterproof Tv’s


Waterproof TV features a screen sealed completely against humidity, moisture, extreme heat and cold. These features ensure you watch your TV ensuring it’s secure in any environment. These waterproof features guarantee its inability to crack and are usually thick and shatterproof compared to the normal TVs.It commonly comes with a waterproof remote and waterproof touchscreen buttons.

Waterproof TVs are best for commercial purposes, hospitality, spa and saloon and residential areas. They are ideal for outdoor events, bathrooms, hot-tub and pool areas. Things to consider before installing a waterproof television,

• It can be dangerous if water and electricity mix especially if you have children around.
• Always find a place that is sheltered and under a shade if you choose to install it outdoors.
• TV manufacturers will always refuse to honor a warranty claim if they suspect you kept the TV in a harsh environment e.g. heat, humidity.e.t.c.

How to install waterproof TV

For maximum entertainment, the television has to be installed as well. A little measuring and planning can save a cable clutter. Ensure you leave a little extra cable so that it’s easy while cleaning. There are a few things that you need to put into consideration during installation
1. Screen size-this helps to have an idea how the TV will look prior to installation.
2. Color choice.
3. Compatibility with other equipment.
4. Separate speakers or built-in sounds.
Some of these TVs are designed to simply fit into a fixing wall bracket, therefore you have more flexibility where you wish to position your waterproof TV.

You also have the option of fixing the TV on the wall. You need to cut a hole in the wall where you have decided to install the TV. Make sure you have enough space prior to installation. Cut the hole and ensure your signal connection is in place.to ensure it pops out well add a bit of sealant and there you have your waterproof Tv well installed on the wall.