Types of Web Hosting


Anyone that has hosted a website knows that the concept of hosting has changed a whole lot since inception. There are a lot of people that have witnessed the changes that have come with cloud hosting. webHostOthers may be aware of the e-commerce and shopping cart phase of hosting. There are all types of deluxe and premium hosting plans that provide a lot of different platforms for web developers. The following highlights the way that the concept of hosting has changed over the years.

Free Websites Templates Through Hosting Services

The concept of free website templates have greatly improved in recent years. Hosting sites are offering people the opportunity to get web templates that are actually fully designed websites. A lot of people are willing to try out these different free sites because they don’t have to be designers to do this. They can simply change the text and photos and acquire a fully functional website. An excellent website builder service is with Dynadot. You are able to customize your dream website with just a few clicks! better yet it’s free! definitely check out this easy website builder. In many instances companies will offer this type of free website template for personal use. People that plan to use the free sites for business use may have to pay a small fee. Even with a small fee this is still more much cost effective than hiring a full time web developer to handle the site. Hosting with free web building templates is very popular.

Reseller Hosting

What a lot of webmasters have started to do is resell hosting packages for customers. This may be a popular option for someone that is working on websites for multiple people. In this case the web master does not have to keep signing up for new accounts and managing everything through different administrator accounts. With this type of account a person will be able to build multiple accounts and manage everything under one control panel. This is ideal for a webmaster that may have a lot of different websites to design.

Mobile Website Hosting platforms

mob-apps-imgA lot of hosting websites are giving people a chance to engage in mobile websites. The concept of mobile website hosting has become very prevalent in recent years. This is what a lot of people depend on when they are trying to build sites that attract mobile users with tablets and cell phones.

A lot of people only visit websites that are on a mobile hosting platform. People that engage in mobile hosting will have access to a wider range of potential visitors. Gone are the days where people log on to every site through a desktop connection. It is more common for people to seek mobile sites because they can access these sites faster.

Cloud Hosting

cloudAnother thing that has become incredibly appealing to the younger generation is cloud hosting. This is a big deal because a lot of companies host their websites through resources that are not physically in the office. This saves the trouble of trying to keep up an internal server to host the site. With the cloud you are not the one responsible for the up time. That means that it becomes someone else’s headache to worry about the server maintenance. Many people like this concept for that reason alone.

The cloud has given people better backup systems. Many of the pages can actually load databases quicker when the data is stored in the cloud. That makes the maintenance of the site much easier. It also add a greater level of security to data. It is all backed up in the cloud. There are some people that may struggle with backing up data on a regular basis. The cloud makes it easier to have an instant backup.

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